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Why our values matter

Are there new activities or ideas you’d like to welcome into your life as we move into 2018? Habits you’d like to move away from? How will you choose?

Almost all of our choices are informed by what we hold as most important, according to our values. These are recognizable, near-predictable behavioural traits that define who we are, how we live our lives, and how we relate to ourselves and the people around us.

Values help us to connect to what matters most to us. They act as a compass, helping us to navigate forward, even when the waters get choppy. They guide us beyond internal conflicts and doubt.

Often, when we're unaware of our needs and values, we’re not conscious of what is driving our behaviours.

Here’s an example. Olivia is an academic writer and client of mine who often procrastinates when she is writing. She feels particularly stressed at the approach of a deadline. The stress increases her anxiety, which diminishes her ability to be her best self. She loses confidence in herself and her capacity to contribute.

What's driving the behaviour to procrastinate?

Even though Olivia's values relating to creativity and challenge are somewhat (unconsciously) expressed when she procrastinates, writing is no longer a joyful experience for her because two of her
other core values—self-expression and playfulness—fail to be honoured when she delays the task at hand.

When we're not expressing our values, we can feel exhausted, impatient, frustrated or stuck like Olivia.

What values are at the top of your list? We might feel inclined to look for aspirational values like integrity, or honesty but we need to go much deeper into the exploration to find our core values. Find those values you can't be without!  And how can you honour those in ways that leave you fulfilled?

Posted by: Administrator Monday Jan 08, 2018 10:04
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