Feldenkrais® Institute of Victoria
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Improving posture - secrets to a strong back

Have you tried to achieve better posture through strengthening your core muscles just to notice that you lost it the moment you focussed on something else?
If you find yourself slouching, with drooped shoulders and your head and neck cranked forward, you're not alone. Not only when sitting or spending time on our devices, it's easy to collapse into this misalignment and often pay the price with tightness, pain and loss of strength.

In this workshop, you'll:
• learn to cultivate elements of good posture
• identify habitual patterns of movements that interfere with a strong and pain-free back
• explore movements designed to reduce muscular tension and correct imbalances
• develop practical skills to move with greater flexibility and efficiency
• learn to use your pelvis more effectively to prolong comfort for any activity

Fri Nov 23, 5:30 – 8pm
Sat Nov 24, 10 – 12:30 pm  Cost: $147          To register